By purchasing select New Roots Herbal Vitamin D3 products, you are helping supply struggling Ukrainians with essential health-care support.

Impact of Fleeing and Hiding

The war on Ukraine has led to the largest refugee crisis of the millennium. Millions of women, children, and elderly have fled to neighbouring nations, where governments and charitable organizations are struggling to keep refugees sheltered, nourished, and healthy. Millions more were unable to get out and face similar challenges.

Whether living in cramped refugee camps, or staying inside to avoid danger, Ukrainians are spending a large proportion of their day indoors. Deprivation of sunlight is just one of the factors that can compromise wellbeing.

Spread Some Sunshine with Vitamin D3

Lack of exposure to sunlight over an extended period of time can have damaging effects on health. Supplementing with D3 is strongly recommended when circumstances limit epidermal exposure for creation of the “Sunshine Vitamin.”

Vitamin D3 is crucial for immune-system performance. There is a direct correlation between vitamin D3 deficiency and susceptibility to illness and infection. Cramped living conditions increase the risk of disease transmission, which leaves adults and children with additional health concerns. Deficiency can also threaten development of bones and teeth, especially in children, and have detrimental impacts on mood at all ages.

Routine screening of refugees upon arrival in North America revealed “lower-than-desirable vitamin D levels”.*



For every purchase of a Vitamin D3 product shown below, New Roots Herbal will donate either a 30 ml bottle of Children’s Vitamin D3 400 UI or a 30 ml bottle of Vitamin D3 2,500 IU for adults. Each bottle contains 1,050 doses, enough to supply an individual for more than 2½ years.

New Roots Herbal is preparing the first shipment, containing 2,500 bottles of Children’s Vitamin D3 400 IU liquid and 2,500 bottles of Vitamin D3 2500 IU for adults, to be sent to refugees in Poland and those still trapped in Ukraine.

Your purchase will continue the flow until we’ve delivered a total of 10,000 bottles to children and adults in need.



Note: Bottle labels being shipped have been translated into Ukrainian to ensure dosing and usage directions are followed.

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Established, Trusted Networks in Place

Your donation will be distributed via two dedicated and reputable nonprofit organizations:

Located in Montréal, one organization is collaborating with an international shipping company having established trucking routes within Europe, and specifically Ukraine, ensuring aid is delivered where it is needed.

The other is renowned for its worldwide disaster-relief support since 2011. This dynamic, nonprofit organization has been involved in countless missions including relief from floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blackouts, and school shootings. They are currently providing various forms of aid to Ukraine.

Both organizations’ combined “Boots on the Ground” distribution networks provide aid to refugees in Poland and to remaining residents in major cities of war-torn Ukraine.